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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Where is everyone?!

I haven't read the blog since last Thurs. so I thought for sure that I'd missed a bunch of stuff. HOwever, it looks like none of us have blogged in days! I met the new co-owner at Great Yarns on Saturday. She's moved just a couple of things around in the store - but definitely for the better. I think there will probably be a few more changes to come. The biggest change was that she moved the table a bit and she moved that big shelving "thing" that was on your left when you walked it. I saw two new yarns - both great additions. She has the ultra soft (may be as good as Calmer!) Classic Elite Provence and the Misti Baby Alpaca which is a lace weight yarn. Both of these yarns are priced really low. The Provence is only $5.95 for 109 yards and the Misti is $5.95 for about 450+ yards. She said that they'll be getting in a bunch of new stuff soon since they really haven't been placing any new orders in the last month because of the change of ownership. I asked her about being open on either Sunday or one night a week and she said that both of these are being "mulled over" right now.

Got some knitting done this weekend. Julie meet me at Starbucks on Sunday and we knit. Well okay, I ran my mouth and knit a bit and Julie cut strips of grocery bags for her beach bag and listened to me run my mouth. Thank you for putting up with me Julie. Maybe those two cups of coffee - both with two shots of espresso weren't the best idea?!

I got started (3 times) on Nicole's laced back tank from Stitch & Bitch Nation. I think it's going to be cute. What about the rest of you guys. Get any knitting done?


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