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Friday, July 29, 2005

Stitch 'n' Pitch date

So the Mariners' game was last night. It was fun. I sat next to a woman who knits and spins, but I don't think it was a match. My hunt for knitters does feel like dating again. Desperate dating. I'm searching on the internet, I'm going to events I know I'll run into knitters. And I keep constantly saying 'but she's just not like the knitwits in Raleigh'

But it was fun, I really think you guys should talk to the Durham Bulls about doing something similar. The turnout was awesome. Some local fiber shops had booths set up, they had raffles, and for the first three innings, when the players came up to bat, his name was written in a knittery font. A girl had a sign that said 'Will stitch for Ichiro.' All very cool. (The food, while expensive, was pretty good, they had garlic fries *NOT KNITTER FRIENDLY* and if you wanted grilled salmon or halibut, they had that too. I meant to bring my camera, but I spent too much time on my outfit that morning to remember to bring it. (I wore the boob holder, got lots of comments about it.)

They gave out free rulers with the holes to measure needles with, but more importantly, they gave out coupons and class schedules. I think most of them expire by the 15th, so I'll be hitting some of the stores soon and let you all what I find out.

Also I forgot to tell you guys, someone put in a bid for our house. We've countered, and haven't heard back yet. Al and I aren't getting too excited over it yet. We'll save our emotion for when the deed is done.


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