Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Thursday, July 07, 2005

South Dakota already?

It was so good to hear from you guys. We were at a markedly reduced size last night - Arati in NY, Kristin in childbirth class, you in SD. Kristin assured us that last night was the only Wednesday when she would need an excused absence from knitnight. We will hold her and Baby to that. :)

Mims has three more knitnights before she will become a call-in participant (happy face/sad face). We will have the speakerphone ready and waiting for you both.

Be sure to check in to Marcy's blog early next week. She and Joe will be hard at work this weekend on behalf of a joint blog. Call for details.

Andy is very psyched. He posted a schedule on his recently-hung corkboard in his room. It reads simply: 7/8 VV
He gave out business cards to the knitters last night and has plans to contact Ben next week to see if he's interested in joining the company. Andy says he thinks maybe Ben can handle the Cary side of the business. Too cute!

I'm going to try to post a picture or two here this weekend and will try to include your yardboy hard at work.


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