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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Post Forwarded from Mims

She evidently couldn't get on so left this as a 'comment' under my cupcake post. Here's Mim's post:
okay. i can't create a new post. my computer at home has my login and everything memorized and i don't know it. i'm worried that when i get home it'll be timed out of my laptop's memory and i'll never be back on again cuz i've tried every variation of my name that i can think of. although, i seem to have this alternate logon from over a year ago when i commented on a friend's newspaper blog. this is so annoying...but moving on, joe has finished the bar exam and i have finished the purple wrap from hell. it's 5 feet long and i'm worried that it's still a repeat or 2 too short, but that is all the yarn i brought with me, so it is done. all that is left is sewing in the ends and blocking next week with y'all. hope y'all had a great knit night tonight and i can't wait to see you next week! - Mims
11:38 PM


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