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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Okay Girls. We have to "kill the guilt"

I mean, we carry enough guilt about enough other things. Our obsession over yarn and all things associated with it should not be one of them. Hell, motherhood supplies me with more than enough guilt. I'll be darn if I'm going to sink too deep into yarn guilt. Notice that I said "too deep" meaning that I suppose it's natural to feel a little guilt from time to time over what may seem to some (who are those crazy people?) like an excessive amount of yarn - but for the most part we should embrace our obsession and just go with it. I mean, as long as it's not causing you to skip the mortgage payment or feeding the kids - how bad can it be?! You can see that I've done a lot of talking to myself about this. Plus, what fun would it be if my knitting friends were suddenly adhereing strictly to their yarn diet? The last thing I need at my age are "good" role models.

Anyway, Julie, if you want to make the Flower Basket Shawl - go for it. Marcy's working on it so you'd have a knitting pal for that one and it might make it go faster. As for you Mims. I have just one thing to say. I'm so damned proud of you! You went, you saw and you purchased! And you didn't just purchase enough for a scarf (which used to be my problem - there are dozens of balls lying around in my house that are only enough to make a scarf) - you purchased enough for a sweater! It brings tears to my eyes.

VV - pull out that cute ballerina wraparound sweater you made recently from Interweaves. That looked warm. Hope to talk with you tonight. Sounds like you definitely need to get started on a sweater!

Well, I tried the shrug (made for my niece) on Alex last night and it's going to be too small/tight. I could kick myself. I knit it to gauge but I'm thinking now that I should have suspected it would be too small when it looked like it was fitting perfectly on Aradi. It's not going to fit around my nieces arms. I'm so angry at myself.

Okay girls. See you tonight! Let's get started on yet another project. Go out that and buy yet more yarn! As the song goes "Let's Get This Party Started"! Yep, I've had a bit too much coffee.


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