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Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh to be knitting!

I got next to nothing knitted on this weekend. I swear - I think that knitting is what helps to keep me sane. Without it my weekend just kept going downhill. Alex had her pool party Sat. night and it went really well. Thank goodness for my Niece and her best friend because it's much "cooler" to have 21 year olds there telling you to "hold down the squealing" than it is your old Mom. There was a lot of "you're hair is so pretty", "no, your hair looks better than mine any day" and there were a couple of what my niece called "interventions" where one of the girls felt fat and they had to talk with her about that. Believe me! None of these girls were fat! The whole body image thing and teens is a whole other subject. I carried my knitting with me like a good girl the whole time but never was able to do anything. Then on Sunday I had a couple of 'Christopher and his Dad and the other side of the family' issues (such as "Why is Jefferson not watching his son? Jefferson's been out of town for two weeks but he leaves Christopher with his mother on Sat. night so that he can "go out with the guys). I had to call all over the place and talk with people that I could barely understand and who barely understood me in order to find the child. I have got to learn some Spanish. I then spilled about a third of a cup of coffee into my brand new purse and onto my new white linen shirt! Of course you're probably saying at this point "Who gives a darn about the purse. Did you save the knitting?!". This is a case where it was a good thing that I didn't have knitting in my hand. Julie, you were without a couple of your "boys" most of the weekend. What did you do? Weren't you and Kristin trying to get together on Friday?

I did swing into Great Yarns for about 5 minutes on Sat. afternoon - just long enough to pick up 4 skeins of the Classic Elite's Premiere yarn. I had been eyeing it since they got it in a couple of weeks ago. It was softer than Rowan Cashsoft - which I thought was soft. I did my really, really fast glance-around to see if there was anything else new that I wanted to go home and obsess over. Lucky for me I didn't see anything that I had to have because I'm too broke to be thinking about anything new.

VV it sounds like things are really working out so far. Definitely have to get you started on a new project. Be sure to keep us posted about any neat knitting places you locate. We want to be filled in on every detail.

Hope to talk with you Wed. night. You're going to get sick of hearing us say this but - we miss you!


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