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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not knitting in NYC

I should have brought some knitting to New York, but I didn't think I'd have any time. It turns out I need something quiet to do every evening after Ross goes to sleep in my sister's (surprisingly spacious) 600-square-foot studio apartment -- where a total of three adults and one child are staying! I could be making some major progress on the Grumperina tank right now. Oh, well...

I plan to visit The Yarn Co., which is just two blocks from Archana's apartment, and Purl in Soho.

A sampling of what we've done since we arrived on Friday afternoon: saw dinosaurs, etc., at the Museum of Natural History; waited two hours (along with many of "my people") to get to the observation deck at the Empire State Building; met some former Raleighites (ex-N&O copy editors Peter Sigal and Kathleen Flynn, who are both at NYT now) for lunch; visited the Bronx Zoo; spent two and a half hours with Andy at MoMA -- sans child and got in free!

Andy and I are off to Princeton, N.J., today on the train for our two-day getaway. We're hoping Princeton will be cool. Archana will take care of Ross; she's got a couple of playdates planned, as well as some paint-your-own pottery and a viewing of "Madagascar."

I'll miss you all at knit night tonight!


Blogger Julie said...

We'll miss you, too! Did you see the new Cezanne/Pisarro exhibit at the MOMA? We're going to try to see it when we're in NYC in August.

Enjoy your getaway - children are precious but a little time away can be a very good thing. :)

6:31 AM

Blogger arati said...

Yes, we saw that exhibit, Julie. It was good, though some of the other works in MoMA's regular collection blew us away more. Plus, the new building itself was amazingly cool.

7:56 AM


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