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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mims has homework for next Wednesday

She's going to do a gauge swatch with Peru so we can help her decide about needle sizes to be used and what size pullover she should make. She also is in the "it's never going to get any bigger no matter how much longer I knit" stage of the Freida poncho from Viva Poncho. Send all finish vibes her way - she wants to perform her very first blocking before she has is forced to maintain her KnitWit membership via speakerphone. We have a lot to do with only two Wednesdays (7/20, 8/3) left.

My obsession with the flower basket shawl continues. Now I've decided that Chai silk is what I must have even if it's $60 to knit it single-strand-ily. I need input - check it out at artfibers.com and tell me your pick - which one should I choose?


Breaking my yarn diet is now in the very capable, collective hands of my favorite KnitWits. . .


Blogger mims said...

you go girl. i vote for #15.

8:30 PM

Blogger vv said...

15 is nice, but I think you look really nice in pinks. i vote for no. 11

1:03 PM

Blogger Beverly said...

Is this the flower basket shawl in Interweaves? Just noticed that they used the Misti Alpaca and Great Yarns now carries it (that's the green one that I picked up two skeins of - so, so soft). It only takes two skeins of that yarn and they've only $5.95 a skein! Of course it's very fine and the Chai looks like a thicker yarn - or is that just the look on the website?

10:35 AM


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