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Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Friday! Who's Knitting this Weekend?

Okay. I've decided that I might just take a couple of days off and have myself a "knitting" vacation before the end of summer. Now I'm thinking of "summer" as what it used to be when I was a child. That means it wasn't over until August was completley finished! Alex is going back to school on July 25th! It's amazing. Seems like she barely had a summer vacation. Of course I, being the horrible mother that I am, haven't taken the child anywhere this summer. I'm hoping if my darn state tax refund will ever get here that I can take the kids to the beach for at least one day and night. Here's my plan for my "knitting" vacation: I'm thinking that after she's back in school I might just take a Thur. and Fri. off (of course it really doesn't matter which two days I take) and just make plans to visit different places in town and knit. I could start out at Starbucks where I would have coffee and sit and KNIT. Then I could go visit Great Yarns and Carol's (I'll break those visits into two days maybe - you know to drag it out since we only have two damn yarn stores in Raleigh!). Next I would go to yet another place - how about Whole Foods? - and again - sit and KNIT. Then maybe home for a brief nap. Nope, no time to nap. Next maybe somewhere in Cameron Village where I could get a cool drink and sit and - yep, you guessed it - KNIT. I would pick Alex up from school rather than making her take the bus to the library if, AND ONLY IF, she is willing to go with me to my next destination with me where I will KNIT. The second day would be almost identical to the first day of this vacation. I would probably throw in a manicure and pedicure to sort of "mix it up" as they say. Does this not sound lovely? Of course if any of you would like to meet me at any time during this "vacation" that would be lovely too. In fact, perhaps one of you would like to take a day off and join me on this vacation.

Okay, this weekend, I'm hoping to knit away on Nic's laced-back tank, and most likely look for hours at all the projects and patterns I have an try and figure out what in the heck I want to make next. I normally work on two or three things at a time but right now I really do have so many things to start on that I'm overwhelmed. Of course this should stop me from making any more purchases but nooooo. The only thing stopping me from that is lack of funds. I'm beginning to think that I will need to rent a storage unit just for yarn before long.

Anyway, someone get on here and blog for pete's sake! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh, almost forgot. I'll be at STarbucks (the one at Peace and Glenwood) on Sunday - knitting. I'll be there by 3:00 but may even get there earlier. Stop by if you get a chance.


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