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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cute knitting stuff

So the paper is doing a story on the Mariners' Stitch 'N' Pitch night (I got my ticket in hand and also got a tshirt) and I'm been driving myself crazy thinking of ideas for a headline for the thing (I got the illustration down pact) so I was trolling some websites for some cleaver knitting puns and came across this site with some cute swag www.knittersanonymous.com/wst_page9.php
My personal favorite is the phone message pad.

Also, has everyone checked out the new knitty? I'm not wild about some of the things (*the boys knitted kimono, i'm looking at you.*) but I got to say i like the striped baby blanket and the baby cargo pants. (figures i would like the baby stuff and not the real men's stuff) I also thought I would be mad about the baseball sweater, but I'm thinking its the model that doesn't do it for me.

Julie, I think Andrew would like the druken argyle.

I'll let you all know how my page turned out, as well as the Stitch 'N' Pitch.

By the way, I think you all should start a Stitch 'N' Pitch for the Durham Bulls. I think this is the start of something big.


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