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Saturday, July 30, 2005


It's official. I don't have enough yarn to finish my bolero. Real nice, since I am knitting it out of a discontinued yarn. I found it in three places on the internet, but I don't know the dye lot. I e-mailed all of them Friday morning to see if they had my dye lot. It's now Saturday, and I haven't gotten a single response. Assholes! Don't they know this is a crisis?

Anyway, is there any chance that any of you bought one ball of Jaeger Albany in color 262 (Shimmer, it's a silvery gray with a bit of purple tint) when it was on sale at Great Yarns a month or two ago? If you have one lying around, I would give almost anything for it. Somehow I doubt it, but...


Blogger vv said...

Let me know if you don't hear back and I'll comb the yarn stores here to see if they have it.

11:42 AM


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