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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Baseball AND knitting

I just found out that the Mariners are having their first 'Stitch n Pitch' at Safeco field. How cool is that? Baseball AND knitting. Apparently you can bring your projects and watch the game, get advice and help at the ballfield. I'm dizzy with the possibilities.

I wish you could all come with me. Its on a Thursday night and Al may have to work. I'll probably just go myself, maybe i'll sit by someone who is cool (because I haven't met any knitting buddies) and the coolest part, you can buy the tickets at the yarn store.

On a knitting note, I started the felted baseball cap (duh?) and it should go pretty fast, so maybe I'll have something to show soon.


Blogger arati said...

Stitch and Pitch sounds very cool. You should go!

12:42 PM


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