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Friday, July 15, 2005

Al's job

I guess I didn't really tell you all the details of Al's job.

He's working for the P-I as a sports designer. He starts on Monday, with orientation. Tuesday, both of us go for CCI training (the main program they use at the P-I) So far, I've been working in InDesign and then someone has else has to do the clean up work for me. Its been fun. Everyone is great. Yesterday was amazing weather-wize, but today I got drizzled on when I went to get my lunch. (The cool thing about the little lunch joints around here is that I can get a lot of asian stuff with lots of steamed rice, like when I was a kid. Today I'm having gyoza with rice. Yesterday, teriyaki chicken with rice.)

Al's enjoying his house husband status, but he's pretty excited about having a job. He went to Pike Place market this morning and picked up some salmon and red peppers. I think that's what we're having for dinner, but if he can't find the plates, maybe it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Day-old salmon, how disgusting. (hee-hee)


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