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Thursday, July 07, 2005

All hail the CORN PALACE

So here it is, me at the corn palace. How can you not stop at the corn palace. Mitchell, SD is quite cute, so cute that the corn palace is where they have the high school and community college basketball game. That is cooler than the RBC center in my opinion.

Rapid City is cute too. We took Lilly for a 'poo run' and across from our hotel there was a park where an orchestra was playing music at a bandshell. Al dared me to go towards the front of the stage and do twirly hippy dances barefoot in front of the crowd. I got so far as to do a little twirl, but really it's not the same thing unless you wear a long skirt with some paisleys on it.

I'll try and post some pictures of Mount Rushmore, or any other corn palaces that we may find.


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