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Monday, July 25, 2005


Now that I've found the blog, you guys just can't shut me up. But I had to tell you all about my horrible mistake. I spent over two hours sitting at Great Yarns Saturday, forcing myself to pick up the 282 (282!) stitches around the edge of my bolero. I was so proud when I finished. Then last night, as I was starting the short rows, I realized I was eight stitches short. I realized, after a very long and annoying counting session, that I had picked up eight too few right in the center. And because there are short rows, it's absolutely crucial that I have the right number. So I have to go back and pick up at least 160 of those damned stitches all over again. Pray for me.


Blogger Beverly said...

Oh honey, sweetie, baby girl! I am so, so feeling your pain! However, if anyone can do it you can. You are way more determined than I am. I would have just said the hell with it. Can't wait to see it.

7:46 AM

Blogger vv said...

First let me just say I feel your Aargh all the way out here and second of all I'm so proud of you Kristin, I think I would have just ripped it out. You must post a picture of it so I can see it.

8:27 AM

Blogger Kristin said...

Well, I have yet to go back and pick them up again. But I may attempt that tonight. I've come too far to turn back now. Will post a picture after I've fixed the horrible error.

8:48 AM


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