Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Saturday, July 30, 2005


It's official. I don't have enough yarn to finish my bolero. Real nice, since I am knitting it out of a discontinued yarn. I found it in three places on the internet, but I don't know the dye lot. I e-mailed all of them Friday morning to see if they had my dye lot. It's now Saturday, and I haven't gotten a single response. Assholes! Don't they know this is a crisis?

Anyway, is there any chance that any of you bought one ball of Jaeger Albany in color 262 (Shimmer, it's a silvery gray with a bit of purple tint) when it was on sale at Great Yarns a month or two ago? If you have one lying around, I would give almost anything for it. Somehow I doubt it, but...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Northwest fiber festival

To Mims and anyone else who would want to come out...

So I've been trolling around trying to find fiber festivals out here (I don't think any of them can compare to Maryland, which I'll see you guys at in May) and I came across this one in Oregon. My guess is it is about 4 hours away.


wanna check it out?

If anyone would want to come out to the west coast, you'll have a place to stay and a driver ;)

Stitch 'n' Pitch date

So the Mariners' game was last night. It was fun. I sat next to a woman who knits and spins, but I don't think it was a match. My hunt for knitters does feel like dating again. Desperate dating. I'm searching on the internet, I'm going to events I know I'll run into knitters. And I keep constantly saying 'but she's just not like the knitwits in Raleigh'

But it was fun, I really think you guys should talk to the Durham Bulls about doing something similar. The turnout was awesome. Some local fiber shops had booths set up, they had raffles, and for the first three innings, when the players came up to bat, his name was written in a knittery font. A girl had a sign that said 'Will stitch for Ichiro.' All very cool. (The food, while expensive, was pretty good, they had garlic fries *NOT KNITTER FRIENDLY* and if you wanted grilled salmon or halibut, they had that too. I meant to bring my camera, but I spent too much time on my outfit that morning to remember to bring it. (I wore the boob holder, got lots of comments about it.)

They gave out free rulers with the holes to measure needles with, but more importantly, they gave out coupons and class schedules. I think most of them expire by the 15th, so I'll be hitting some of the stores soon and let you all what I find out.

Also I forgot to tell you guys, someone put in a bid for our house. We've countered, and haven't heard back yet. Al and I aren't getting too excited over it yet. We'll save our emotion for when the deed is done.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mims! Remember we were talking of shawl closures?


Purl Soho just started carrying these. They're from MOVING MUD a husband and wife team from Vermont. They're made with blown glass that's been heated to a very high temperature which makes them as strong as Pyrex. Each one's unique. Anyway, thought you'd like to look at them. They're $12, $20, and $40 - small, med. and large. Very pretty. I've been meaning to find one for myself so now I know where to find them.

I have found a new blog that makes me laugh out loud!

Check this out: http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/knitandtonic/

This gal is so funny. I have become so ticked at the Yarn Harlot lately that i was looking for a new "fix". You had to read her "FO Losers" and the comments she makes about each losing knitted item. The "FO Losers" button and the "Winners" buttons are to the left.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and tired of working. Marcy was unable to make it to Knit Nite because of a headache. I hope you're feeling better Marcy! We certainly missed you. Can't wait to see Mims and her finished big, long, shawl thing. Actually I've told her many times that I love the pattern and hope to make it myself one of these days - in the future - along with many, many other things that I just have to make.

I'm thinking that I might take a little journey to Carol's on SAturday. Of course I will remember that I have to phone before going. There's always the chance that she's closed early due to a cold, or a cake in the oven! If anyone has time and wants to meet me there just let me know. My time's pretty flexible.

Post Forwarded from Mims

She evidently couldn't get on so left this as a 'comment' under my cupcake post. Here's Mim's post:
okay. i can't create a new post. my computer at home has my login and everything memorized and i don't know it. i'm worried that when i get home it'll be timed out of my laptop's memory and i'll never be back on again cuz i've tried every variation of my name that i can think of. although, i seem to have this alternate logon from over a year ago when i commented on a friend's newspaper blog. this is so annoying...but moving on, joe has finished the bar exam and i have finished the purple wrap from hell. it's 5 feet long and i'm worried that it's still a repeat or 2 too short, but that is all the yarn i brought with me, so it is done. all that is left is sewing in the ends and blocking next week with y'all. hope y'all had a great knit night tonight and i can't wait to see you next week! - Mims
11:38 PM

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What's next you ask? Why a "cupcake hat"!

Okay, yesterday it was a knitted pie - which I don't think served any purpose other than to be a knitted pie - and look really neat. Now today there is a free pattern for a "cupcake" hat which does serve a purpose for 1-4 year olds. The last thing Christopher needs is a cupcake hat but it would be really cute on a little girl. Anyway, here's the link: http://www.nakedsheep.com/cupcakehat.html


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cute knitting stuff

So the paper is doing a story on the Mariners' Stitch 'N' Pitch night (I got my ticket in hand and also got a tshirt) and I'm been driving myself crazy thinking of ideas for a headline for the thing (I got the illustration down pact) so I was trolling some websites for some cleaver knitting puns and came across this site with some cute swag www.knittersanonymous.com/wst_page9.php
My personal favorite is the phone message pad.

Also, has everyone checked out the new knitty? I'm not wild about some of the things (*the boys knitted kimono, i'm looking at you.*) but I got to say i like the striped baby blanket and the baby cargo pants. (figures i would like the baby stuff and not the real men's stuff) I also thought I would be mad about the baseball sweater, but I'm thinking its the model that doesn't do it for me.

Julie, I think Andrew would like the druken argyle.

I'll let you all know how my page turned out, as well as the Stitch 'N' Pitch.

By the way, I think you all should start a Stitch 'N' Pitch for the Durham Bulls. I think this is the start of something big.

A Knitted Pie!!!

Okay, I've see the knitted tea set and the knitted Elvis wig and now this!


Monday, July 25, 2005


Now that I've found the blog, you guys just can't shut me up. But I had to tell you all about my horrible mistake. I spent over two hours sitting at Great Yarns Saturday, forcing myself to pick up the 282 (282!) stitches around the edge of my bolero. I was so proud when I finished. Then last night, as I was starting the short rows, I realized I was eight stitches short. I realized, after a very long and annoying counting session, that I had picked up eight too few right in the center. And because there are short rows, it's absolutely crucial that I have the right number. So I have to go back and pick up at least 160 of those damned stitches all over again. Pray for me.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I love this!

I just think this may be the most beautiful shrug I've ever seen. I love it! Tell me the truth, do you all think I'm crazy, or do you agree?


Friday, July 22, 2005

i hate plane rides...

well, we're mostly packed. (for the week, not for the real move.) the only thing left for the morning is toothpaste and the like, as well as the 20 pounds of bbq for my mother. it's always fun going through airport securtiy and having them ask what's in the cooler and having to fess up that you are carrying 20 pounds of 'cue 3000 miles. my knitting is packed in the carryon bag. i'm hoping that i won't get too much done on the way out because i'll be too busy sleeping. we have to get up at 5:20 to make the flight. i've gone to sleep at that hour considerably more times than i've woken up then.

among the many things i have forgotten to do this week, i forgot to bring the wire to book to work to give to marcy so she could take it to knit night next week. i'll hopefully remember it for my last knit night (imagine me pouting here). this wednesday will be the first one i've missed in the oh-so-short time i've been a part of the group...

anyway, everyone have a good week, and send joe positive, smart vibes on tuesday and wednesday while he's taking the bar exam!

Figured I Should Blog

Saw that VV is doing her part in keeping in touch with us via the blog so thought I'd better post something. It's been a couple of days for me. VV, it sounds like you're on the right track to hopefully finding some "kool" knitting partners. Of course you'll never find a group that loves and appreciates you the way we do but we understand that you will meet someone new. We will just have to bear the pain!

I've made a discovery. I'm absolutely sure that I'm happiest if I'm knitting on a shawl. I realize that I need to be knitting other things too and I want to knit other things but I am happiest if, along with whatever project I'm working on - that I've also got a shawl going that I pick up and knit on. I know, you guys think I'm crazy. It's just my burden to carry.

Okay, I should be knitting at Starbucks (Peace and Glenwood) around 3:00 or earlier on Sunday. Please stop by if you feel like sitting and knitting or standing and knitting or just drinking coffee. You get the picture. Alex starts back to school on Monday (no more sleeping late - for her or me) so I won't be staying up until 1 a.m. just so that I can knit. I'll have to go back to getting up around 6 a.m. so I'll probably not be able to keep my eyes open past midnight. Most people ask me how I can stay up even that late but if I don't then I don't get any time to myself - for knitting.

Everyone have a good weekend and blog ladies - blog!

No knitters

So I got off work and headed straight for the chai shop (yep, they have those here) to try and meet up with some knitters and there were none to be had. Just a bunch of dreadlocked people sipping chai and a strong amount of patchouli incensing.

I got a cup to go (the knit up was to start at 6 p.m. and I got there at 7:30 p.m.) and headed home. The chai was horrible to boot. They even sold it in jugs so you can make it at home. No thank you.

I got an email from the stitch 'n' bitch user group that said there was a meetup on monday nights in a neighborhood close to me. I might try going two weeks from now. I've got training that keeps me at work until 9 p.m. this monday.

I saw a young thing knitting at an ice cream shop near my house. She was working with some hooker purple homespun with size 100 needles. I think she was actually doubling up the homespun and appeared to be making a very bulky scarf. I just walked on by. That was probably wrong of me, but I just couldn't get excited over a huge garter stitch scarf.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The 'big city'

I miss you guys terribly, I'm going to meet us with a stitch 'n' bitch group tonight after work, but I haven't met any knitters as cool as you guys. I am excited about the Mariner's Stitch 'n' Pitch game next Thursday. It looks like I'll be going by myself, since Al got a job and I think he's working that night (They really haven't solidified his sked)

As for missing Raleigh, you aren't making its case better for me with the 90+ days. I got to admit the weather here is awesome. We moved a window air conditioner all the way out here and I'm not even sure if we need. Its also been really sunny, but I'm sure I'll pay for the nice weather when winter rolls around and it pours.

I can't really ride you about the sweater, I wouldn't want to finish it either, with it being so hot (and especially if I were pregnant). If I were closer, I'd volunteer to finish it for you.

One of these days I'll get around to taking pics of my office and house so you guys can get a sense of my day.

I'll let everyone know how the stitch 'n' bitch goes tonight.

I'm here

I finally figured out how to get on this thing. Aren't you all proud?

VV, how are you adjusting to Seattle? Have you felt lonely and homesick, or are you into the adventure, or both? (Sorry if I have missed previous posts on this topic.) I hope you're happy with the house that you sweated bullets to find. I am a little jealous of you living in the big city with lots of yarn shops and temperatures under 96 degrees. (I cannot believe you are wearing a sweater. Just the thought of a sweater makes me woozy.) A cool spell here these days is when it goes down to 92 degrees with 99% humidity.

All the rest of you, I need you to ride my ass to finish this baby sweater that I started six months ago. All I have to do is weave in ends, seam the hood and attach buttons, but it has been sitting untouched in the closet for months. Pretty soon, the kid will be here and I still won't have it done. Help me be strong.

And everyone harass Julie to pick up the stitches for Andrew's vest. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to ever do it. Really!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, we might have Stitch & Watch (or View, or...)

There's a poll going on the local Stitch & Bitch yahoo list site with people voting about their interest in having a "knit nite" at the Carolina Theater in Chapel Hill. They said that they would keep the lights dim but not completely off so that everyone could still knit. I voted yes. Sounds like a winner to me!

Baseball AND knitting

I just found out that the Mariners are having their first 'Stitch n Pitch' at Safeco field. How cool is that? Baseball AND knitting. Apparently you can bring your projects and watch the game, get advice and help at the ballfield. I'm dizzy with the possibilities.

I wish you could all come with me. Its on a Thursday night and Al may have to work. I'll probably just go myself, maybe i'll sit by someone who is cool (because I haven't met any knitting buddies) and the coolest part, you can buy the tickets at the yarn store.

On a knitting note, I started the felted baseball cap (duh?) and it should go pretty fast, so maybe I'll have something to show soon.

Monday, July 18, 2005

the never-ending purple monstrosity

there is no way the poncho-turned-wrap will be ready to block by friday. when we left knit night last week i thought 3 more pattern repeats would do it. i finished 2nd of them yesterday and now i think i'm atleast 3 (if not 4) more repeats from done. so i think i'll do gauge swatches for the sweater tomorrow night and just be resigned to the fact that the purple thing won't be ready to block till my last knit night. i wish it was otherwise, but it's nice to have a little bit of the self-imposed pressure off. it should be easy to finish on the plane to oregon next week. and i think i finally know what (or whom) it's for. my mother-in-law's birthday is august 19th. we can drop it off with her the 2nd week of august when we're driving through on our way to portland. it almost feels like it was meant to be or something. tonight's knitting time was severely hampered by harry potter. i didn't start the book till last night and i finished it about an hour and a half ago. it was by far the best book of the series so far in my opinion. i may soon break down and knit something exceptionally cheesy like a gryffindor scarf. actually, that's not very likely, but i did enjoy the book quite a lot.

Whoa Beverly

How do you manage? i got to enjoy my weekend, and i didn't do any knitting. But you're right, i need to start a project. Al's been driving me to work, so I haven't even been able to go the a shop on my lunch break (and I think there is a cool store near where i work). But I go into training tomorrow and it doesn't start until 1 p.m. so i may sneak over tomorrow before work.

I've been eyeing the canteen holder in the Interweave Knits. I don't even know where I can find a round canteen or why I would need a canteen holder anyway, but it looks way cute, so I might start that. But I also have that cute felted baseball cap for a baby, and a good friend of mine just had a baby boy last month, so maybe I should start on that.

I'm going to try and find both yarns somewhere in seattle so I can feel what you are talking about. You know me and my soft whore-ishness.

Anyway, Arati, after I talked to you on Sunday, I found out we had yet to pass Dale Chihuly's residence. I took a photo of it, but I'll have to email you it later (Since I'm at work and I haven't downloaded the pic off my camera yet) It still isn't all that much to look at, but Al and I were thinking we should go and see the studio one day.

Oh to be knitting!

I got next to nothing knitted on this weekend. I swear - I think that knitting is what helps to keep me sane. Without it my weekend just kept going downhill. Alex had her pool party Sat. night and it went really well. Thank goodness for my Niece and her best friend because it's much "cooler" to have 21 year olds there telling you to "hold down the squealing" than it is your old Mom. There was a lot of "you're hair is so pretty", "no, your hair looks better than mine any day" and there were a couple of what my niece called "interventions" where one of the girls felt fat and they had to talk with her about that. Believe me! None of these girls were fat! The whole body image thing and teens is a whole other subject. I carried my knitting with me like a good girl the whole time but never was able to do anything. Then on Sunday I had a couple of 'Christopher and his Dad and the other side of the family' issues (such as "Why is Jefferson not watching his son? Jefferson's been out of town for two weeks but he leaves Christopher with his mother on Sat. night so that he can "go out with the guys). I had to call all over the place and talk with people that I could barely understand and who barely understood me in order to find the child. I have got to learn some Spanish. I then spilled about a third of a cup of coffee into my brand new purse and onto my new white linen shirt! Of course you're probably saying at this point "Who gives a darn about the purse. Did you save the knitting?!". This is a case where it was a good thing that I didn't have knitting in my hand. Julie, you were without a couple of your "boys" most of the weekend. What did you do? Weren't you and Kristin trying to get together on Friday?

I did swing into Great Yarns for about 5 minutes on Sat. afternoon - just long enough to pick up 4 skeins of the Classic Elite's Premiere yarn. I had been eyeing it since they got it in a couple of weeks ago. It was softer than Rowan Cashsoft - which I thought was soft. I did my really, really fast glance-around to see if there was anything else new that I wanted to go home and obsess over. Lucky for me I didn't see anything that I had to have because I'm too broke to be thinking about anything new.

VV it sounds like things are really working out so far. Definitely have to get you started on a new project. Be sure to keep us posted about any neat knitting places you locate. We want to be filled in on every detail.

Hope to talk with you Wed. night. You're going to get sick of hearing us say this but - we miss you!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Al's job

I guess I didn't really tell you all the details of Al's job.

He's working for the P-I as a sports designer. He starts on Monday, with orientation. Tuesday, both of us go for CCI training (the main program they use at the P-I) So far, I've been working in InDesign and then someone has else has to do the clean up work for me. Its been fun. Everyone is great. Yesterday was amazing weather-wize, but today I got drizzled on when I went to get my lunch. (The cool thing about the little lunch joints around here is that I can get a lot of asian stuff with lots of steamed rice, like when I was a kid. Today I'm having gyoza with rice. Yesterday, teriyaki chicken with rice.)

Al's enjoying his house husband status, but he's pretty excited about having a job. He went to Pike Place market this morning and picked up some salmon and red peppers. I think that's what we're having for dinner, but if he can't find the plates, maybe it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Day-old salmon, how disgusting. (hee-hee)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

what about al's job?

i totally forgot to ask when i posted on tuesday, what's al's new job and when does he start? is he excited? will his workplace be half as cool as yours?

we have a never-ending string of job candidates here right now. for some reason vanessa and i have been choosen to take all the features candidates out to lunch. "hello prospective employee, now it's time for you to go eat with not one, but two(!) designers who are about to flee this paper..."

Mims has homework for next Wednesday

She's going to do a gauge swatch with Peru so we can help her decide about needle sizes to be used and what size pullover she should make. She also is in the "it's never going to get any bigger no matter how much longer I knit" stage of the Freida poncho from Viva Poncho. Send all finish vibes her way - she wants to perform her very first blocking before she has is forced to maintain her KnitWit membership via speakerphone. We have a lot to do with only two Wednesdays (7/20, 8/3) left.

My obsession with the flower basket shawl continues. Now I've decided that Chai silk is what I must have even if it's $60 to knit it single-strand-ily. I need input - check it out at artfibers.com and tell me your pick - which one should I choose?


Breaking my yarn diet is now in the very capable, collective hands of my favorite KnitWits. . .

oh my god, i just saw the greek pullover

Mims, that pullover is so cute. I can only imagine how cool it will be with the peruvian yan.

i'm jealous.

okay, i'm through with my jealousy, i'm going to look through the rest of the magazine.


Yes, it is true that I got caught with deadline stuff and that's why I couldn't call when all of you were knitting.

But I totally made up for it today, because today I'm at work with a dirty pair of jeans and my interweave cover sweater, with my kickass converses. I got a compliment on my sweater and two guys are in shorts today.

I got to say, I'm liking it here.

As for knitting, I haven't done much of it, as I've said in my blog. So I'm looking for projects. I'm thinking something cool and funky (since I have to keep up with all the Seattle hipsters) So if you have suggestions, bring them on.

My desk is pretty clean right now, it seems I should have some yarn around it. Maybe that is week 2.

I can't believe I missed Wednesday. Crap.

Seattle P I needs to understand about Wednesdays

VV is working hard - too hard - to be the new kid on the block. She says everybody is nice but when a deadline item needed finishing last night, VV was left to do it. She is working to make sure that her new co-workers understand the importance of Wednesday.

She called last night right after the last knitwit left and vowed that next Wednesday she will join us. She is intrigued by the description of Mims' Peruvian yarn and is going to see if the multitudes of Seattle yarn shops have any. She's not been getting very much knitting done since her arrival, but all of their possessions arrived Tuesday so Al is a busy beaver working to get them moved in. The weather is making sweaters a necessity. Al is even asking about his once-and-future sweater.

I told her we all missed her and are steeling ourselves for our next goodbye on August 3rd. She said she'll see us on the blog and talk to us next Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Okay Girls. We have to "kill the guilt"

I mean, we carry enough guilt about enough other things. Our obsession over yarn and all things associated with it should not be one of them. Hell, motherhood supplies me with more than enough guilt. I'll be darn if I'm going to sink too deep into yarn guilt. Notice that I said "too deep" meaning that I suppose it's natural to feel a little guilt from time to time over what may seem to some (who are those crazy people?) like an excessive amount of yarn - but for the most part we should embrace our obsession and just go with it. I mean, as long as it's not causing you to skip the mortgage payment or feeding the kids - how bad can it be?! You can see that I've done a lot of talking to myself about this. Plus, what fun would it be if my knitting friends were suddenly adhereing strictly to their yarn diet? The last thing I need at my age are "good" role models.

Anyway, Julie, if you want to make the Flower Basket Shawl - go for it. Marcy's working on it so you'd have a knitting pal for that one and it might make it go faster. As for you Mims. I have just one thing to say. I'm so damned proud of you! You went, you saw and you purchased! And you didn't just purchase enough for a scarf (which used to be my problem - there are dozens of balls lying around in my house that are only enough to make a scarf) - you purchased enough for a sweater! It brings tears to my eyes.

VV - pull out that cute ballerina wraparound sweater you made recently from Interweaves. That looked warm. Hope to talk with you tonight. Sounds like you definitely need to get started on a sweater!

Well, I tried the shrug (made for my niece) on Alex last night and it's going to be too small/tight. I could kick myself. I knit it to gauge but I'm thinking now that I should have suspected it would be too small when it looked like it was fitting perfectly on Aradi. It's not going to fit around my nieces arms. I'm so angry at myself.

Okay girls. See you tonight! Let's get started on yet another project. Go out that and buy yet more yarn! As the song goes "Let's Get This Party Started"! Yep, I've had a bit too much coffee.

I don't like yarn dieting. . .

and I fear a crazed fall off the no-yarn wagon. I have a crazy notion to make the flower basket shawl. Is it the unrelented heat/humidity? Is it the yarn diet? I don't know for sure but I have time off this Friday and next Monday if anyone wants to keep me from breaking/help me break my diet. What I SHOULD do is find hiding holes for all that I've got piled in the study but that doesn't sound like nearly as much fun.

See/hear everybody tonight!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yarn diet

so i should be on a yarn diet, but nooooooo.
andrea introduced me to carol's this weekend. i bought the lastest interweave magazine, along with enough yarn to knit the first sweater featured. and the purchase came with a coupon for 10 percent off another purchase there this month, which guarentees that i will add to the stash again before we move.
meanwhile, i'm still knitting the never ending purple vine poncho/wrap/shawl.


Hey girls,

The boob holder is the only thing I have finished. I didn't get to knit much on the trip out west and I sorely needed to. It is a bit chilly here and I have freezing my patootie off. I'm at work, so far my shift is 10-7, and soon I'll have to work one late shift. I'm hoping it's not Wednesday. I plan to call, but it will probably be late, maybe around 10:15 p.m. eastern.

Our stuff is being delivered today, so I'll probably be unpacking and still NOT KNITTING. On the up side, I'll get to sleep on my own bed instead of an air mattress.

I'm glad to hear about my lawn. Did Andy and Noa complain much?

Also on the upside, I think the P-I offered Al a job today. So no hawking beers at Mariners' games for him. Thank goodness too. He's actually been asking for the sweater. (I told you it's been chilly here)

I'll probably talk to you all tomorrow, until then.

My boob holder is jealous!

Yours has been to Mount Rushmore and mine can't even make it off the needles. It's Tuesday now - that means VV and Al are Seattle residents! I know you're glad to be there - I hope your stuff made it, too.

Your lawn is mowed and looks quite nice. We think we saw prospective buyers drive by while we were there. Tell-tale clue - Buick with older woman driving, younger man up front, younger woman in back.

I'm having a brief affair with crochet. Don't know why, exactly, but I've started (again) the round pillow and I'm seriously contemplating a market bag. I think maybe the heat has gotten to me.

We'll have the speaker phone ready if you get a chance to call Wednesday. I'll also kindly talk to other knitwits about their absence from the blog. I know they're thinking blog entries daily. :)

You gals and your boob holders!

Hi VV! It's so much fun hearing about your travels. Now we want to hear about the new place and dif your stuff arrived. Regarding the boob holdes. So far it's Arati and VV that have actually finished? Is Kristin workign on the same pattern? Julie, where do you stand on yours? Julie, we really have to find out what's going on with the other bloggers - or should I say the "absence" of the other bloggers.

I finished my niece, Maggie's shrug - well, I finished knitting it. I just have to seam it up. I'm debating whether or not to use the same pattern on Alex's (with the lovely Calmer) because the end of hte pattern drove me crazy. The decreasing of the sleeve at the beginning of the pattern (the part that gives it the great fluted/ruffled look) is smooth and looks great, but the end of hte pattern calls for knitting into one stitch 3 times and it really makes a ridge at the beginning of the increasing. I ripped it back and tried knitting into the one stitch only 2 times and then using a yarn over for the other stitch and that definitely looked better but I was still disappointed that each sleeve didn't look exactly the same. Maybe she'll never notice it but I do.

Julie and I are still trying to hang in there and be strong on the whole yarn diet program but we're weakening at every new magazine, blog, yarn website, etc. We'll keep you posted.

Hope to see the locals tomorrow night and VV - hope you call!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Wool shop at Mount Rushmore

Wool shop at Mount Rushmore
Originally uploaded by acinorev.
Okay, I made Al stop at this shop which advertised everything wool. Mostly wool blankets and stuff like that, but in the corner, they did have a pretty nice selection of Brown Sheep yarn, and a little roving (which I bought). Next blog, SEATTLE!!1

The boob holder at Mount Rushmore

Vern at Mount Rusmore
Originally uploaded by acinorev.
Here's the boob holder near Mount Rushmore. There were guys cleaning the monument when we were there. It was pretty amazing seeing someone repelling off Jefferson's nose.

Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Friday! Who's Knitting this Weekend?

Okay. I've decided that I might just take a couple of days off and have myself a "knitting" vacation before the end of summer. Now I'm thinking of "summer" as what it used to be when I was a child. That means it wasn't over until August was completley finished! Alex is going back to school on July 25th! It's amazing. Seems like she barely had a summer vacation. Of course I, being the horrible mother that I am, haven't taken the child anywhere this summer. I'm hoping if my darn state tax refund will ever get here that I can take the kids to the beach for at least one day and night. Here's my plan for my "knitting" vacation: I'm thinking that after she's back in school I might just take a Thur. and Fri. off (of course it really doesn't matter which two days I take) and just make plans to visit different places in town and knit. I could start out at Starbucks where I would have coffee and sit and KNIT. Then I could go visit Great Yarns and Carol's (I'll break those visits into two days maybe - you know to drag it out since we only have two damn yarn stores in Raleigh!). Next I would go to yet another place - how about Whole Foods? - and again - sit and KNIT. Then maybe home for a brief nap. Nope, no time to nap. Next maybe somewhere in Cameron Village where I could get a cool drink and sit and - yep, you guessed it - KNIT. I would pick Alex up from school rather than making her take the bus to the library if, AND ONLY IF, she is willing to go with me to my next destination with me where I will KNIT. The second day would be almost identical to the first day of this vacation. I would probably throw in a manicure and pedicure to sort of "mix it up" as they say. Does this not sound lovely? Of course if any of you would like to meet me at any time during this "vacation" that would be lovely too. In fact, perhaps one of you would like to take a day off and join me on this vacation.

Okay, this weekend, I'm hoping to knit away on Nic's laced-back tank, and most likely look for hours at all the projects and patterns I have an try and figure out what in the heck I want to make next. I normally work on two or three things at a time but right now I really do have so many things to start on that I'm overwhelmed. Of course this should stop me from making any more purchases but nooooo. The only thing stopping me from that is lack of funds. I'm beginning to think that I will need to rent a storage unit just for yarn before long.

Anyway, someone get on here and blog for pete's sake! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh, almost forgot. I'll be at STarbucks (the one at Peace and Glenwood) on Sunday - knitting. I'll be there by 3:00 but may even get there earlier. Stop by if you get a chance.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

South Dakota already?

It was so good to hear from you guys. We were at a markedly reduced size last night - Arati in NY, Kristin in childbirth class, you in SD. Kristin assured us that last night was the only Wednesday when she would need an excused absence from knitnight. We will hold her and Baby to that. :)

Mims has three more knitnights before she will become a call-in participant (happy face/sad face). We will have the speakerphone ready and waiting for you both.

Be sure to check in to Marcy's blog early next week. She and Joe will be hard at work this weekend on behalf of a joint blog. Call for details.

Andy is very psyched. He posted a schedule on his recently-hung corkboard in his room. It reads simply: 7/8 VV
He gave out business cards to the knitters last night and has plans to contact Ben next week to see if he's interested in joining the company. Andy says he thinks maybe Ben can handle the Cary side of the business. Too cute!

I'm going to try to post a picture or two here this weekend and will try to include your yardboy hard at work.

All hail the CORN PALACE

So here it is, me at the corn palace. How can you not stop at the corn palace. Mitchell, SD is quite cute, so cute that the corn palace is where they have the high school and community college basketball game. That is cooler than the RBC center in my opinion.

Rapid City is cute too. We took Lilly for a 'poo run' and across from our hotel there was a park where an orchestra was playing music at a bandshell. Al dared me to go towards the front of the stage and do twirly hippy dances barefoot in front of the crowd. I got so far as to do a little twirl, but really it's not the same thing unless you wear a long skirt with some paisleys on it.

I'll try and post some pictures of Mount Rushmore, or any other corn palaces that we may find.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is it knit night?

I'm in Rapid City South Dakota, site of Mt. Rushmore. It's been crazy and I think I'm in mountain time zone, but I think you guys are eating dinner with Andrew. We did a little sightseeing, at the corn palace. I have to go through the photos, but I'll post one soon. We're resting now, but we'll make our way to Rushmore around sunset.

Last night we stayed in Austin, MN, where the SPAM museum was. (The spiced ham kind, not the computer kind) I so wanted to go, but the museum didn't open until 10 a.m. and we needed to get on the road. Oh well. But believe me, if there is a sign for the world's largest yarn ball, i will slam the brakes and grab my needles from the back and be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

If my phone is working, I'll call you gals, but if not, I will for sure in Seattle.

Oh What A Melancholy Night It Will Be!

Geez. No VV AND no Arati. And Arati's in the big city! Julie, what's this about you going to NY in August?! I'm so jealous. I have got to get somewhere! I'm working on an day or maybe two at the beach so that will have to be my "little NY". You guys can take pictures of yourselves next to the Empire State Building. Me - I'll try and take my picture next to a huge fish that someone catches at the beach. First of all I have to say that I can't believe that Arati didn't bring a single thing to work on. I think I bring somethign with me even to places that I know absolutely that I will not be able to knit. I'm not sure what I'm expecting. Maybe that I'll get in some sort of traffic jam on the way to or from where I'm going and that I'll need the knitting at that time. Of course you realize, Arati, that this gives you the absolutely most perfect reason to purchase a new project while there! Julie and I are thinking "we should be so lucky". I need a really good reason to purchase another project because I seem to keep purchasing more yarn and patterns and whatnot without one good reason to support that purchase!

Julie will attest that last night (the boy's first night of swim lessons) after only 30 minutes in the sun, we were just about to melt! Julie, however, being her always prepared self, is bringing a whole boatload of stuff to keep us below the melting point tonight - ice, water, washclothes to put in the ice/water to cool ourselves. Is she the best or what?!

Okay, gotta run for now. I'm dying to see the beginning of the tank tonight Julie.

Not knitting in NYC

I should have brought some knitting to New York, but I didn't think I'd have any time. It turns out I need something quiet to do every evening after Ross goes to sleep in my sister's (surprisingly spacious) 600-square-foot studio apartment -- where a total of three adults and one child are staying! I could be making some major progress on the Grumperina tank right now. Oh, well...

I plan to visit The Yarn Co., which is just two blocks from Archana's apartment, and Purl in Soho.

A sampling of what we've done since we arrived on Friday afternoon: saw dinosaurs, etc., at the Museum of Natural History; waited two hours (along with many of "my people") to get to the observation deck at the Empire State Building; met some former Raleighites (ex-N&O copy editors Peter Sigal and Kathleen Flynn, who are both at NYT now) for lunch; visited the Bronx Zoo; spent two and a half hours with Andy at MoMA -- sans child and got in free!

Andy and I are off to Princeton, N.J., today on the train for our two-day getaway. We're hoping Princeton will be cool. Archana will take care of Ross; she's got a couple of playdates planned, as well as some paint-your-own pottery and a viewing of "Madagascar."

I'll miss you all at knit night tonight!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We're here (even VV, I'll bet)

I've started the Calmer tee-shirt and can't wait to see Marcy's. She's probably done - maybe I'll see it Wednesday? We'll take a picture and put it on the blog.

Swim lessons begin today so I'll report back on the pool bag. As Beverly can attest, I've got many, many bags cut into strips and wound in a ball. I'll keep everyone aware of what happens. Stay tuned.

Hope everybody had a good Fourth. I love it because it brings on one of my favorite four-day weeks. I love a four-day week.

Where is everyone?!

I haven't read the blog since last Thurs. so I thought for sure that I'd missed a bunch of stuff. HOwever, it looks like none of us have blogged in days! I met the new co-owner at Great Yarns on Saturday. She's moved just a couple of things around in the store - but definitely for the better. I think there will probably be a few more changes to come. The biggest change was that she moved the table a bit and she moved that big shelving "thing" that was on your left when you walked it. I saw two new yarns - both great additions. She has the ultra soft (may be as good as Calmer!) Classic Elite Provence and the Misti Baby Alpaca which is a lace weight yarn. Both of these yarns are priced really low. The Provence is only $5.95 for 109 yards and the Misti is $5.95 for about 450+ yards. She said that they'll be getting in a bunch of new stuff soon since they really haven't been placing any new orders in the last month because of the change of ownership. I asked her about being open on either Sunday or one night a week and she said that both of these are being "mulled over" right now.

Got some knitting done this weekend. Julie meet me at Starbucks on Sunday and we knit. Well okay, I ran my mouth and knit a bit and Julie cut strips of grocery bags for her beach bag and listened to me run my mouth. Thank you for putting up with me Julie. Maybe those two cups of coffee - both with two shots of espresso weren't the best idea?!

I got started (3 times) on Nicole's laced back tank from Stitch & Bitch Nation. I think it's going to be cute. What about the rest of you guys. Get any knitting done?