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Monday, June 27, 2005

The vest is done - sort of

It's blocking on the dining room table. Now I just have to seam it together and THEN pick up stitches for a 3/4" rib around the armholes and the neck. Sigh - I thought it might make it sound easier to type it up but it doesn't really. Wish me luck.

Also, probably because I'm avoiding the above activity, I starting putting together my ball of plastic "yarn". Check out Marcy's Saturday poolside DIY. One grocery bag seems to equal (keep in mind these are rough estimates) approx. 19-20 yards. I've done three so far. On Wednesday, be sure to ask Andrew about his thoughts on my poolbag project.

Besides, it wouldn't be a true knitting project if it didn't have a deadline. David (and Christopher)start swim lessons at Longview Pool next Tuesday. I'm sure I'll have it done in plenty of time. ha ha Since it's a poolside project, it will probably be okay if it is completed WHILE we are experiencing swim lessons. Those don't end until the 15th.


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