Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Thursday, June 09, 2005

sorry i wasn't there on wednesday

I was with you all in spirit though.

I'm here in Chicago. Went by a lovely little yarn shop called sunflower something or other in crystal lake. it was a gift shop/yarn store. i thought at first there wouldn't be much, since it had a lot of candles and vera bradley bags and such, but it had a butt-load of yarn. however, everyone was in a hurry so i couldn't linger long. i guess just as well. supposedly we may go to a yarn store near my sister-in-law's in barrington (maybe the home of the gauge-o-knit?) i'll let you know.

on a sadder note, i discovered i'm not going to have enough yarn to knit al's sweater. i think i may add stripes, more like the stitch 'n' bitch pattern, without the stripes on the sleeves though.

i'll see you next wednesday for sure!!!!


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