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Saturday, June 18, 2005

poncho from hell

so it's 2:30 in the morning and i have a rant that can't possibly wait till wednesday. i've been knitting away at my poncho. this is the one that i meticulously swatched to make sure i had gauge. i just noticed that if i follow the directions when i go to sew the poncho pieces together, there will be no opening for my head to go through!!! this is from the same book (viva poncho) that produced the "poncho" that was barely a shrug (the one that vv gave a very cute seaweed-related name to when i was done that i can't remember at the moment.) now, i know that i (with the help of y'all) can come up with the right alterations to make this work before i finish, but i'm so ticked about the principle of it all! i just checked the book's website for corrections and there still are not any posted. while i know that i don't have very much experience knitting, i don't think i'm that incompetent. i'm afraid of reverting to nothing but scarves and hats after these two near-disasters with slightly larger projects...


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