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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Okay, this is a picture of sadness (it's all I could find in a pinch). It is a seal(?) expressing his sadness at okay - I know we don't want to say it - VV's last night at Knit Nite. Of course we're still working on the whole video cam and how we can work it so that we can still all be together on Wed. nights. BUT - tonight is a night of fun! It is a night of celebration. We're celebrating VV's new job in the big city by the sea and the fact that we now have yet another "must visit" city. Yarn stores plus VV - what more could we ask for?!

Now see, this is our "happy" face!


Blogger Julie said...

Beverly - thank you for a much needed smile. It IS a celebration and it's going to be a great one. We'll test the speakerphone with Lee Ann tonight and can add that feature to our "VV can still play with us" technologies.

10:58 AM


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