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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I need a rich relative to die and leave me money!

Okay, I have not gotten a darn thing done this morning at work. I'm not obsessed, evidently along with VV, with Danskos, and I've just gotten Elann site's newsletter and they have the Katis "Idea" on sale. The Idea is the yarn that the Girl from Auntie used in her original tank but it's hard to find anywhere now. Elann has three colors (and decent colors at that) on sale for - read me well ladies - $2.98 a skein! Damn, damn, damn that Elann! I mean, anything under $4 in my book is like saying "hi, I'm free!". I"m thinking that even though I don't have money to take my children on a weeklong or even weekend long vacation to anywhere - what's wrong with Mom taking a somewhat long vacation to "knitting land" where I simply do whatever I want each day, whenever I want, and hopefully spend most of that day KNITTING!!

Mere mortals dream of sitting on an island, by the ocean, drinking a cool drink, and gazing into the eyes of their beloved. Me, I dream of sitting in a comfortable chair, in a cool place, sitting anything I can get my hands on, and knitting. I"m thinking something is wrong with this picture but okay - I'll give in and say that I'd be happy to be on the island, by the ocean, with the drink, and gazing into the eyes of a beloved - as long as that beloved was holding the big hank of yarn on his arms while I wind it into a lovely ball.


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