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Friday, June 10, 2005

Good Friday Morning!

Well, everyone has evidently been very busy. I'm busy too but is that stopping me from blogging? Well, okay, maybe for a few days but now I'm here. We had a really small group Wed. evening. VV's still out of town and Arati didn't have a babysitter (please let me know next time and you can have Alex. She's doing nothing but sitting in front of hte computer IMing her friends). Tues. was Andrew's birthday. How horrible for us not to know this! Our Chef Supreme deserved dinner cooked for him Wed. night rather than his slaving over a hot stove for us as usual. AND - he shared his birthday cake with us! It was this wonderful peach mousse and cake type combo from Wholefoods that was to die for! Julie's Mom was there also so we got to spend some time with her. She needs to join us more regularly! Kristin is no longer angry at Baby Eloise. She's feeling relatively good these days. She and Baby are looking especially adorable these days. She is a very cute pregnant gal!

On to knitting and spinning. I can only speak for knitting. I don't spin but Marcie was spinning something with the most awesome colors. I could just sit next to her and that spinning wheel for hours. It's such a soothing sound. I'm still working on both my niece, Maggie's shrug (from the Interweave free patterns) and Nicole's Berroco Oakley Shawl. The shawl is something you could do blindfold so I should have it finished soon. It's cutting the darn fringe that I dread. Alex wants me to make her one of the same shrugs but using the Rowan Calmer. She finally decided on the pale pink color. Poor Christopher will not be seeing his dinasaur sweater until the winter. Thank goodness it doesn't get cold in Raleigh until November!

Okay, gotta get back to work. I hope to have one of the above items finished by the end of hte weekend.


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