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Monday, June 20, 2005

Found yet another cute free t/tank pattern

Okay, this one is actually one I haven't seen before. It's on Grumpina's blog. http://www.grumperina.com/tivoli.htm You've got to check it out.

Took Alex to camp yesterday. She'll be there for almost a week. Her cabin is a new one, up on stilts overlooking the lake. I'm telling you girls - I wanted so badly just to sit on the porch, overlooking the beautiful water, and knit until dusk. HOWEVER - my 13 year old could not get rid of me fast enough. Did get back to town with enough time (Christopher was with his Daddy) to stop at Helios for a glass of wine and the paper and then moving on up the hill to Starbucks for coffee and knitting. It was splendid. Of course I found myself wanting to start yet another shawl last night. I'm almost finished with the shrug and Nicole's shawl. I have no business starting another shawl for myself.

Oh, Mims, you know that there will be our resident experts there on Wed. night to help you figure out just where the "hold for your head" went. It will be our "knit mystery of the week". Believe me - everyone's been there - done that.

Okay, I'm looking forwarding to trying to get Christopher to bed tonight by 9 p.m. (this damn daylight savings time is killing me. He can't go to sleep if "it's not night") and then getting drunk on knitting!


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