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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Beverly's post

Usually my means of broadcasting just entail my screaming my "mom"
instructions from one bedroom of the house to the other. This
"blogging" is a whole new thing to me. I'm addicted to reading them so I
fear that I'll now become addicted to writing in one. This way we can
hopefully talk with our dear VV on a regular basis. Now VV, you're
going to have to really write on the blog regularly. We want to know
what about your every move! Okay, back to knitting. Did you finish
the boob holder? If so you need to post a picture of it. I'm searching
frantically for about the 6th copy that I've made of a free pattern that
I got from the Knitting Garden's ezine. I had it at Julie's on Sunday
and have misplaced it. I have copies of patterns everywhere - and I do
mean everywhere! I keep losing them and then I print them yet again.
I'm supposed to be getting some yarn in the mail today. What is it
about waiting for even a small package in the mail - even just a small
amount of yarn - that is like waiting for Christmas morning. I guess
only a knitting addict, like ourselves would understand.


Blogger vv said...

I just needed to finish the one sleeve of the boob holder, but then I saw Arati's. She has these cute puffs in her's that I decided not to put in mine and now i want the puffs. i'll take a picture of it soon and post if so all can see the beautiful puffed sleeves.

12:40 PM


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