Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Okay, I think I have to lie down

I'm a little woozy from that list. My video yarn store diary may have to make a repeat performance.

well, it looks like i will need to get a move on when i'm out there to scope all the shops for everyone. (i did look on the list, and there doesn't appear to be a store in the little neighborhood i'd be living in)

i'll keep you posted. now i have to comb the internet to find as many yarn stores from here to seattle as i can.

Oh my gosh! Gazillions of yarn stores in Seattle!

Oh my gosh. I found you a link listing yarn stores in Seattle. There are at least 12 (count 'em twelve!) listed "in" Seattle and more than that listed outside the city limits: http://www.v-comm.net/seattleknitter/stores.html. I didn't have the strength to click on them and check them all out. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see to work through the tears. That's okay. We'll be here missing you - we of the "two" - yep, count 'em - two big yarn stores here in the big city of Raleigh! I know - I should be grateful. I could live somewhere that had only a Michael's Craft Store.

Are we there yet?

Oh sweet VV. Last night was such a nice evening wasn't it? Hopefully we conveyed to you just how much you will be missed. I was thinking how especially hard this must be for Marcy and Julie because you three were part of the "original" KnitWits. When I first met the three of you I thought "what a bunch of knitting geniuses!". Of course now that I know you I think - "Thank God they're as obsessed with it as I am." Of course that's in addition to my continuing view that you guys are knitting geniuses! Okay, I'm starting to feel melancholy here and it's bothing me that I'm not sure if the spellcheck works on this blog thing.

Thank you, you girls rock!

I don't even want to say anything, because I think I'm in deep denial. I'm just floating along, like I'm going on a vacation (even though the packers are at my house as we speak and boxing up all our stuff to take 3,000 miles away.)

Beverly, thanks for the quotes, it reminds me that I am leaving the best group of friends and knitters ever.

But again, I fully intend to call and write the blog about my yarnings out west.

Thank you so much for the generous gift certificates to the yarn shops, the sheepy bag, the music, the dinner, the key lime pie and your friendship.

Okay, I really have to stop now, because I'm getting weepy.

I love you all,


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a sappy farewell...

i got home from knitting tonight and found my collection of quotes from younger days. here are a random, sappy few to comfort us all as vv heads west...

friendship, the magician, knows this little trick where by two people walk in different directions yet still remail side-by-side.
-hugh pratner

you never really leave a place you love, a part of it you take with you-- leaving a part of yourself behind.

may the world hug you today with its warmth and love and whisper a joyful tune in your heart. and may the wind carry a voice that tells you there is a friend sitting in another corner of the world right now wishing you well.

saying goodbye
going away
sometimes you know
seems so hard to say
somehow i know we'll meet again
i don't know quite how
and i don't know just when
but it's time for saying goodbye
-the muppet movie

Okay, this is a picture of sadness (it's all I could find in a pinch). It is a seal(?) expressing his sadness at okay - I know we don't want to say it - VV's last night at Knit Nite. Of course we're still working on the whole video cam and how we can work it so that we can still all be together on Wed. nights. BUT - tonight is a night of fun! It is a night of celebration. We're celebrating VV's new job in the big city by the sea and the fact that we now have yet another "must visit" city. Yarn stores plus VV - what more could we ask for?!

Now see, this is our "happy" face!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Julie - Oh so proud! You're nearly finished!

I am so very impressed. I'm serious. You really zipped through this vest. Why or why can't we do that with all those tanks and especially the dinosaur sweater? Of course we purposely put aside the dinosaur sweaters for the summer but still - I picked up yet another neat pattern from Great Yarns yesterday. I need another pattern like I need - let's see here - like I need another bag of yarn!

Okay, I've been lamenting about how long it's taking me to knit the 39" for the shrug and last night I realized that I had knit "PAST" the 39". I was so mad at myself. I'm now ready to ruffle the end and then I can seam it up and it will be a shrug! I can hardly believe it. I was imaginging myself knitting this long strip on into Christmas.

Well, gotta get back to work. See you all tomorrow night!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The vest is done - sort of

It's blocking on the dining room table. Now I just have to seam it together and THEN pick up stitches for a 3/4" rib around the armholes and the neck. Sigh - I thought it might make it sound easier to type it up but it doesn't really. Wish me luck.

Also, probably because I'm avoiding the above activity, I starting putting together my ball of plastic "yarn". Check out Marcy's Saturday poolside DIY. One grocery bag seems to equal (keep in mind these are rough estimates) approx. 19-20 yards. I've done three so far. On Wednesday, be sure to ask Andrew about his thoughts on my poolbag project.

Besides, it wouldn't be a true knitting project if it didn't have a deadline. David (and Christopher)start swim lessons at Longview Pool next Tuesday. I'm sure I'll have it done in plenty of time. ha ha Since it's a poolside project, it will probably be okay if it is completed WHILE we are experiencing swim lessons. Those don't end until the 15th.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The gift was a hit!

Julie, Ross and I went over to Al and VV's this evening to give VV the gift certificates. She was both touched and excited -- and agreed to come back and share stories of her visits to the two shops. She said (and I quote): "You guys are way too cool! This is so great! This is amazing!"

Cute, cute, cute buttoned-up fingerless glove pattern!

Okay. So cute. http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/mikado-buttonup-gloves.html

Okay - one more:

Okay Arati - free shipping here

I knew I'd seen a sight with "free" shipping. It's www.theknitter.com. They carry the Lorna's Laces but only the sock yarn. They also carry Debbie Bliss, Noro, and a bunch of others but no Rowan. I don't know if their prices are any better but free shipping is always a plus. Ooh, just noticed something else. KnixPixie carries the Lorna's Laces (all the weights) and they sale the sock yarn for only $8.00 while theknitter.com sales it for $10.00. I think one of hte reasons that I love KnitPixie so much is simply because the site is really bright and the colors show up really well. It just makes the yarn look that more enticing. Jimmy Beans Wool has a "flat" $4.00 shipping in the U.S. Also they have the cutest new free pattern that uses only one skein of Lorna's Laces "Angel" yarn - http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/freeKnittingPatternAnnahat.asp. Also yarnmarket.com has a flat $5.49 shipping rate and I've ordered from them before. Anyway, that's it for my research so far. I'll keep you all posted.

Now go forth and order! Don't leave Julie and I alone in our ordering frenzy - oh - okay - so I'm the one with the recent ordering frenzy. I'm thinking that my children can live for another few weeks on macaroni and cheese!

I need a rich relative to die and leave me money!

Okay, I have not gotten a darn thing done this morning at work. I'm not obsessed, evidently along with VV, with Danskos, and I've just gotten Elann site's newsletter and they have the Katis "Idea" on sale. The Idea is the yarn that the Girl from Auntie used in her original tank but it's hard to find anywhere now. Elann has three colors (and decent colors at that) on sale for - read me well ladies - $2.98 a skein! Damn, damn, damn that Elann! I mean, anything under $4 in my book is like saying "hi, I'm free!". I"m thinking that even though I don't have money to take my children on a weeklong or even weekend long vacation to anywhere - what's wrong with Mom taking a somewhat long vacation to "knitting land" where I simply do whatever I want each day, whenever I want, and hopefully spend most of that day KNITTING!!

Mere mortals dream of sitting on an island, by the ocean, drinking a cool drink, and gazing into the eyes of their beloved. Me, I dream of sitting in a comfortable chair, in a cool place, sitting anything I can get my hands on, and knitting. I"m thinking something is wrong with this picture but okay - I'll give in and say that I'd be happy to be on the island, by the ocean, with the drink, and gazing into the eyes of a beloved - as long as that beloved was holding the big hank of yarn on his arms while I wind it into a lovely ball.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dammit, now i need a pair of danskos.

You know, this blog might not have been such a good idea. Now I not only need yarn for a tank, but I need money for some danskos. And it doesn't help that I'm moving and starting a new job, because I have reasons to justify my wants.

Anyway, I ripped out the boob holder, and furiously knitting to finish it before tonight. I might make it, we'll see.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Must ... make ... tank!

The Grumperina tank is too cute. I feel I must make it.

The Web site I ordered my Dansko Lolita sandals from is ClogsCentral.com, and the discount I got a month and half ago was 15 percent. It is now 10 percent, but there's still free shipping. The shoes arrived very quickly, and the selection is quite good.

Beverly is a bad influence :)

Now I have TWO tanks to add to my must-do summer list in addition to the two tops and one boobholder on needles and two (tank with hemp, tee with Calmer) patiently waiting for needles. I'm nearing the final stretch for Andrew's vest and then I will be totally focused on tanks/tee. (I hear you, Kristin, but I really need these tops. . .)

(Do any KnitWits feel a sense of deja vu? Wasn't it me who was definitely focusing on tanks LAST summer? Do I have any? NO)

Where are Marcy and Kristin - they need to get signed on to the blog, too, so the whole gang can discuss how "without completion" I am as a knitter. :)

cute tanks!!!!

I like the tank patterns. It's so nice to see what the different bust sizes actually look like. So often, you do a pattern and you realize you have to be built like a teenage boy in order to make it look like the picture.

Glad Alex seems to be enjoying herself at camp. Too bad you couldn't get just a row in on the cabin porch.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Found yet another cute free t/tank pattern

Okay, this one is actually one I haven't seen before. It's on Grumpina's blog. http://www.grumperina.com/tivoli.htm You've got to check it out.

Took Alex to camp yesterday. She'll be there for almost a week. Her cabin is a new one, up on stilts overlooking the lake. I'm telling you girls - I wanted so badly just to sit on the porch, overlooking the beautiful water, and knit until dusk. HOWEVER - my 13 year old could not get rid of me fast enough. Did get back to town with enough time (Christopher was with his Daddy) to stop at Helios for a glass of wine and the paper and then moving on up the hill to Starbucks for coffee and knitting. It was splendid. Of course I found myself wanting to start yet another shawl last night. I'm almost finished with the shrug and Nicole's shawl. I have no business starting another shawl for myself.

Oh, Mims, you know that there will be our resident experts there on Wed. night to help you figure out just where the "hold for your head" went. It will be our "knit mystery of the week". Believe me - everyone's been there - done that.

Okay, I'm looking forwarding to trying to get Christopher to bed tonight by 9 p.m. (this damn daylight savings time is killing me. He can't go to sleep if "it's not night") and then getting drunk on knitting!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ross with Fint and the Charka

Originally uploaded by acinorev.
Okay, one last photo. This is Arati's son Ross, playing with the Charka and holding the beautiful elephant Arati knitted for him. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. She did an awesome job. I don't think I've seen Ross since without his Fint.

Charkra 2

Originally uploaded by acinorev.
but inside it looks like this!!!! it is a work of art. i wish i could post the sound that it makes when you use it. i liken it to the sound of the santa's workshop. now all i have to do is learn how to spin with one hand.

Charkra 1

Originally uploaded by acinorev.
Okay, its a little late, but as promised, the charka. it looks like a cigar box in this pix, but

Saturday, June 18, 2005

poncho from hell

so it's 2:30 in the morning and i have a rant that can't possibly wait till wednesday. i've been knitting away at my poncho. this is the one that i meticulously swatched to make sure i had gauge. i just noticed that if i follow the directions when i go to sew the poncho pieces together, there will be no opening for my head to go through!!! this is from the same book (viva poncho) that produced the "poncho" that was barely a shrug (the one that vv gave a very cute seaweed-related name to when i was done that i can't remember at the moment.) now, i know that i (with the help of y'all) can come up with the right alterations to make this work before i finish, but i'm so ticked about the principle of it all! i just checked the book's website for corrections and there still are not any posted. while i know that i don't have very much experience knitting, i don't think i'm that incompetent. i'm afraid of reverting to nothing but scarves and hats after these two near-disasters with slightly larger projects...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

woo hoo!

i'm on, too! and apparently it's been longer than i thought since i checked out marcy's blog. if you haven't seen wimi reclining on top of the art that matches her outfit, you must go enjoy this photo right now. it is the most diva-like pic i've ever seen of something made out of yarn!


People are gettting on!!!!!

Glad to hear about Lee Ann. I'm going to The Bexley Project after work and get a flyer going for Rebecca.

On a different note, my friend Tamara finished my Charka!!! It's beautiful. I'll take a picture of it tonight and post it so all can see.

It is made from Koa, a Hawaiian hardwood with inlay of ebony. I can't even tell you how beautiful it is. You just need to wait for the pic.

Talked to Leann!

I still have never figured out the correct spelling of her first name! Spoke with her very briefly to get her address, etc. She said that she doesn't have an e-mail address (I wanted VV to send her the invite to the blog) but I told her that she could get a personal e-mail address from somewhere like Yahoo the next time she was on a computer - library, etc. and then she could always go in and check her e-mails from any computer as long a there was access to the Internet. I gave her the blog address so that she could at least come in and read everything. She's going to let us know as soon as she gets an e-mail address of her own. I told her how much we missed her.

Okay, i have to type a memo for my boss in addition to clicking back and forth on a knitting site - checking out sale yarns. It never ends - this craving of more yarn!

It worked!

I'm in! It WAS easy.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Ross' elephant

I finally got to give Ross his elephant (from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts") for his birthday on Saturday, and he adores it. He has named it "Fint," short for Elephant.

BOOB HOLDER without puffs

Originally uploaded by acinorev. So here's the boob holder without the puffs. It looks alright, I admit, but I'll take a photo of Arati's and you can decide.
if you want to knit a boob holder for yourself, here's the pattern. http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id62.html
(we didn't do the edging and quite frankly, we don't know why she added them)

When good yarn goes bad

Originally uploaded by acinorev.
This is Julie's Tess ribbon yarn from Maryland. It is gorgeous, but you probably can't see through the tangles and snarls to appreciate the gorgeousness. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!

It is ribbon yarn, so treat it more like ribbon than yarn. if you spin, sacrafice a bobbin to wind the yarn like wrapping ribbon. if you don't spin, find a large spoon, or even a dowel to wrap it flat.

One of these days, this mess will be what it truely is, beautiful yarn.

We missed Andrew's birthday??!!!!

That blows!!!!! We have to something this Wednesday for him. Maybe a CD? Or maybe an iTunes gift certificate? I'll email the blog to everyone so they see this.

On a brighter note, I got my camera fix, so I can upload photos. But I have to go to work soon, so since I'm a lame duck, I'll spend my work hours blogging.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Good Friday Morning!

Well, everyone has evidently been very busy. I'm busy too but is that stopping me from blogging? Well, okay, maybe for a few days but now I'm here. We had a really small group Wed. evening. VV's still out of town and Arati didn't have a babysitter (please let me know next time and you can have Alex. She's doing nothing but sitting in front of hte computer IMing her friends). Tues. was Andrew's birthday. How horrible for us not to know this! Our Chef Supreme deserved dinner cooked for him Wed. night rather than his slaving over a hot stove for us as usual. AND - he shared his birthday cake with us! It was this wonderful peach mousse and cake type combo from Wholefoods that was to die for! Julie's Mom was there also so we got to spend some time with her. She needs to join us more regularly! Kristin is no longer angry at Baby Eloise. She's feeling relatively good these days. She and Baby are looking especially adorable these days. She is a very cute pregnant gal!

On to knitting and spinning. I can only speak for knitting. I don't spin but Marcie was spinning something with the most awesome colors. I could just sit next to her and that spinning wheel for hours. It's such a soothing sound. I'm still working on both my niece, Maggie's shrug (from the Interweave free patterns) and Nicole's Berroco Oakley Shawl. The shawl is something you could do blindfold so I should have it finished soon. It's cutting the darn fringe that I dread. Alex wants me to make her one of the same shrugs but using the Rowan Calmer. She finally decided on the pale pink color. Poor Christopher will not be seeing his dinasaur sweater until the winter. Thank goodness it doesn't get cold in Raleigh until November!

Okay, gotta get back to work. I hope to have one of the above items finished by the end of hte weekend.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

sorry i wasn't there on wednesday

I was with you all in spirit though.

I'm here in Chicago. Went by a lovely little yarn shop called sunflower something or other in crystal lake. it was a gift shop/yarn store. i thought at first there wouldn't be much, since it had a lot of candles and vera bradley bags and such, but it had a butt-load of yarn. however, everyone was in a hurry so i couldn't linger long. i guess just as well. supposedly we may go to a yarn store near my sister-in-law's in barrington (maybe the home of the gauge-o-knit?) i'll let you know.

on a sadder note, i discovered i'm not going to have enough yarn to knit al's sweater. i think i may add stripes, more like the stitch 'n' bitch pattern, without the stripes on the sleeves though.

i'll see you next wednesday for sure!!!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Okay, where is everyone?

Okay, here I am again. All along, blogging, blogging, blogging. Sounds a lot like "blah blah blah" which might be more like it in my case. Anyway, Just got the 2nd edition of a really cool e-magazine called "Spun" with some free patterns in it!

Started on the Oakley shawl out of Berroco Suede (hot pink) for Nicole this weekend. It's a really fast knit and I already want to knit one for myself. Still working on the shrug for my niece and Alex has decided that she wants her shrug out of the pale pink Calmer. My cardigan and Christopher's dinosaur sweater are on the back burner of course.

Gotta run. I"m at work and they actually expect me to do work so I'm off.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Okay girls. Where is everyone?

Are VV and I the only two participating in this blog? We definitely have to get Leeann (spelling?) on board. It's Sat. night and I'm watching Alex roll her eyes at me because I couldn't figure out the home computer and Christopher is crawling around on the floor with a plastic dog bone in his mouth meowing and pretending to be a cat. I on the other hand have had a beer and and I'm ready to get the kitty cat to bed and start knitting. Got the ribbon yarn in the mail today from NuiMei to make the Girl From Auntie ribbon tee for Nic but now I"m a bit worried that I might not have enough. Okay, that's it. I just feel that since VV has created this wonderful blog for us that we should be using it. If we start blogging now, by the time VV actually leaves for Seattle we'll be used to blogging and we can just pretend that she's actually here and never left. Check you gals later.

Friday, June 03, 2005

You Know You've Got It Bad When...

You know you have it bad (knitting addiction that is) when you receive yarn in the mail that you don't even remember ordering. Okay - add that to dreaming about knitting and actually waking up feeling as though you've finished several rows of a project! Does this deter me? Does this make me want to run out and pick up a new hobby - or better yet - does it make me realize that I need to spend more time with my family? Nooooooooo. I instead find myself wondering if perhaps I dreamed about a really great yarn that I didn't recognize because it actually exists somewhere and I should make it my mission to find this unnamed, in-a-dream, yarn. I'm thinking that after staying up until 1 or 2 a.m. tomorrow morning knitting that I should chant something about yarn right before I doze off in the hopes that I will pick up where I left off in that yarn dream. Hopefully I won't, instead, dream about Dog the Bounty Hunter - which I have often just watched before falling asleep. That show's a hoot if you've never seen it. Okay, gotta go. It's the weekend!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Patternworks sale

Has anyone seen this? The Adrienne Vittadini Trini is 50% off and so is
Jo Sharp Silk Road. Calmer, however, is not.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sit and spin

I hope everyone is up for spin camp tonight.

Puff sleeves

just needed to finish the one sleeve of the boob holder, but then I saw
Arati's. She has these cute puffs in her's that I decided not to put in
mine and now i want the puffs. i'll take a picture of it soon and post
if so all can see the beautiful puffed sleeves.

I know, I know, I shouldn't go back, but when you see the sleeves, you
will understand.

Beverly's post

Usually my means of broadcasting just entail my screaming my "mom"
instructions from one bedroom of the house to the other. This
"blogging" is a whole new thing to me. I'm addicted to reading them so I
fear that I'll now become addicted to writing in one. This way we can
hopefully talk with our dear VV on a regular basis. Now VV, you're
going to have to really write on the blog regularly. We want to know
what about your every move! Okay, back to knitting. Did you finish
the boob holder? If so you need to post a picture of it. I'm searching
frantically for about the 6th copy that I've made of a free pattern that
I got from the Knitting Garden's ezine. I had it at Julie's on Sunday
and have misplaced it. I have copies of patterns everywhere - and I do
mean everywhere! I keep losing them and then I print them yet again.
I'm supposed to be getting some yarn in the mail today. What is it
about waiting for even a small package in the mail - even just a small
amount of yarn - that is like waiting for Christmas morning. I guess
only a knitting addict, like ourselves would understand.